VPN.Surf Review: Truly & Trusted VPN Service

In this digital world, it is quite important to prioritize online security and privacy. In the recent past, developed countries have invested a lot in internet surveillance. For instance some countries limited access to Twitter. Also, they have made it difficult to log in to popular social media sites. Unfortunately, even in U.S. the land of freedom jeopardizes your personal privacy. VPN Service Providers like VPN.SURF can provide you with that security.

Nowadays, there are several horror incidences of people having their personal information such as credit card details stolen. Using a Virtual Private Network is the first step to take towards protecting yourself. It can also help you prevent internet usage tracking. This applies to organizations, websites, advertisers, marketers, and ISPs that can poke into your web traffic and see the type of websites you regularly use and things, which your purchase online. They can use that information to personalize more targeted ads to you. Fortunately, you can hide your identity and location. This will prevent websites and advertisers from monitoring your activities.

In this article we will briefly review VPN.Surf. Searching for the best VPN option that allows you to buy VPN with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may often be challenging. Increasing the privacy online and keeping all of the payments, credit card and bank information private, is paramount in order to keep yourself and your finances safe as well as to avoid future issues.

Paying for VPN with PayPal or with your credit card can potentially be dangerous as these options keep track of your personal information. Luckily, this issue is avoided when paying with cryptocurrencies which is why cryptocurrencies have gained such a good reputation in the past couple of years.

VPN Surf allows you to buy VPN with Bitcoin. As a crypto-enthusiast myself, the most important thing was to find an affordable, yet high speed VPN provider that guarantees unlimited data transfer.

VPN Surf has one of the highest rates of anonymous browsing and encryption for connections available from all around the world.

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Automatic Reconnection

The most pleasant surprise was finding out that that it had the ultimate fast automatic reconnection feature, in case of any interruptions. Anyone who knows anything about VPN knows that this is very important and almost entirely uncommon among other VPN Service providers.

Easy Buy Process

Purchasing VPN Surf will probably be one of the easiest online procedures someone can ever experience. What it can only be imagined as the most complicated process, turns out to be an extremely easy one containing only four steps.

VPN Plans

VPN Surf allows you to choose from two given plans:

  1. Regular VPN

This plan offers – with the starting price from only $5.00 USD per month – 30 days VPN access with 10 servers available and 5 different locations. It is one of the most budget priced VPN options available to find online today.

  1. Business VPN

This other compatible option starts from the price of $15.00 USD per month with 100 days of VPN access, 10 available servers and 5 different locations.


Their options also offer various discounts when choosing a billing cycle. Discounts can vary from up to 10% to up to 40% off in the time period of more than three months to a year. It’s a perfect choice for anyone who wants to find an affordable, yet a guaranteed safe option.

After choosing the best deal that works for your needs, all it took was to create an account and select a payment method, which includes – apart from the standard credit cards and PayPal option – several cryptocurrencies, including the most popular one – Bitcoin.Truly

VPN Surf Review – Conclusion

This purchase combined with amazing discounts and the usual promises of high speed downloading, streaming and bypassing restrictions and censorships to surf the internet freely was definitely be worth the money.

After your research and countless trials and errors while trying to find the best VPN to buy with Bitcoin, it can be safely said that VPN Surf remains one of the top choices.

We hope you enjoyed our VPN Surf Review. If this review helped you to take an informed decision, feel free to share it with your friends and family through social networks.

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