3 Safe Alternatives for Giveaway Promote

Want to grow your brand on Instagram without having to spend too much? We’re pretty sure you’d love to. And yes, there are social media marketing agencies out there that offer quality services at a very affordable rate, even for business startups.

One such agency is Giveaway Promote, a platform for businesses who are interested in running giveaway campaigns to expand their follower reach. Unfortunately, this platform is very limited in the results they deliver; usually only a few hundreds of new followers, especially if you’re just starting out on Instagram.

So if you’re looking to gain more solid results from your Instagram campaigns, you might want to check out our top 3 alternatives for Giveaway Promote. 

1-Social Sensei

Interested in leveraging the power of influencer and celebrity Instagram marketing for your online brand? Social Sensei is a social media marketing agency that specializes in driving real traffic to Instagram accounts by teaming up with influencers for various promotional campaigns. It is the only giveaway platform so far that bases their pricing on the outputs they can give rather than on the influencers they are partnering with. Results are guaranteed, which means users get exactly what they pay for.

Their platform also guarantees account safety for all those who avail of their plans, which means users do not have to worry about their account privacy, or about getting their accounts shadow banned or action blocked. 

Social Sensei caters to a relatively large customer base and has already garnered five-star reviews both on Google and on Trustpilot for their influencer marketing services. Users who sign up for their influencer marketing services can opt for U.S., European, or Global Audiences, depending on their market preferences and business goals. 

One downside to this platform is that they do not offer free trials for their services, although their pricing scheme has been designed with both business startups and established brands in mind. Prices for their influencer marketing plans start at $299 to $50,000+.

Another downside is that Social Sensei does not guarantee engagement. Engagement rates will still depend on the user’s content marketing strategies.

But if you’re really after growing your audience reach, we highly recommend that you avail Social Sensei’s social media marketing services.

2- Gleam

Want to run Instagram contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways to drive real user engagement? Then the Gleam platform might be the social media marketing platform for you. This platform is designed to help businesses run their promotional campaigns on social media smoothly while at the same time helping them gather User Generated Content (UGC) that they can use for future content.

What’s great about Gleam is that they offer various access to various apps that can help boost your campaigns based on your business goals. Plus, they don’t just handle Instagram promotional campaigns. They also work with other platforms such as Facebook, Amazon, and Instagram, to name a few. 

They also have a wide social media reach, which makes the platform perfect for business startups. And not only that, their pricing options are also pretty much flexible and their services allow for variation to cater to the specific needs of each business. You can choose from $10 a month or you can go as high as $399 a month, depending on the services you need from the platform.

The downside to Gleam though is that their website can be quite overwhelming, with a lot of stuff happening. There are too many choices when it comes to their services which can be confusing, especially if you don’t actually know what you’re looking for or which would work best for your business. 

3- Aspire

Aspire is yet another alternative for Trusy Social. This is an influencer marketing platform built mainly for enterprise, DTC (Direct-to-Consumer), and SMB (small to medium businesses) brands and agencies.

A quick scan through their website shows that they cater to high profile clientele and that they provide large scale influencer marketing on their platform. Case studies, blogs, and online courses are also available on their site for individuals who are interested in getting into specific industries.

Influencer campaigns are designed on a long-term basis and are well-detailed, right from ideation to execution, with the end goal of helping brands connect and strategize with influencers. 

However, some users report few glitches on the platform, with some creators not taking campaign agreements as seriously as expected. Another common complaint is that the system recommended influencers are not always relevant to the user’s brand. And some users report difficulties in submitting content attachments for review on the platform.

With regards to pricing, Aspire follows a subscription model starting at $19 per month.

Which is the best alternative?

Of course, it is good to remember that these three platforms mentioned can only help you grow your reach. You will still have to work on maintaining and improving customer engagement. And to be sure, all three alternatives have their own pros and cons, but if you’re looking for a social media marketing agency that’s got all the essentials in place to grow your social media presence, we suggest that you go for Social Sensei.

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