Virtual Shield Review – Safe & Reliable Choice in 2022

You have the right to remain private.” These are the famous words Virtual Shield identifies with always. Virtual Shield is the latest addition to the VPN industry, but it’s already making moves to offer the best service. However, how close are they to impress? We’ve looked at its pricing, server distribution, features, ease of use, compatibility, and customer service. Its overall performance is what we seek to know, and this review is the answer to your curiosity.

Quick Stats

Free trial30 days
Allowed concurrent connections10 devices (personal)10 devices (family)
Supported streaming servicesNetflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Hulu
No logs policyYes
Encryption256-bit AES
ProtocolsUDP, TCP, PPTP
Special featuresKill switch, Always-on-VPN, App Guard, IPv6 leak protection
Customer supportTicket system, 7 AM to 7 PM PST LiveChat, Knowledgebase system
Server locations10+ locations
Number of servers19+ servers
Server SwitchesUnlimited
Supported platforms and extensionsWindows, Linux, Mac, iOS, macOS, Chrome, Firefox,
Supported devicesNone
VPN legal jurisdictionUnited States

Virtual Shield Pricing, deals and payment methods

Virtual Shield offers a somewhat complex model of its pricing plans. And if you’re not keen, you might not get the best deal that fits your budget and needs. Therefore, we suggest you follow this guide for simplified information.

At the time of this review, Virtual Shield sells two categories of VPN plans. This includes Business as well as Home and Family categories. If we focus on the Home and Family category, you can get two sub-categories, including personal and family packages. A major highlight of this category is that Virtual Shield is somewhat expensive.

Virtual Shield gives you a 30-day risk-free trial period to make up for the lack of money-back guarantee. This is quite sufficient time to enjoy the premium experience of Virtual Shield plans. Furthermore, during the 30 days of the free trial, you’ll get access to all premium features and capabilities.

Extra premium Add-ons

What’s more, the VPN also provides several add-ons you can add to your VPN subscription, but a fee. You can choose from a long list, including the protection plus, phone support, unrestricted streaming, monthly maintenance, webcam privacy, and more.

Virtual Shield Payment options

Unfortunately, Virtual Shield offers two payment methods. You can pay using any major credit/debit card or via PayPal. Of concern is the lack of any form of cryptocurrency payment option. This is because cryptocurrency is the latest mode of payment that doesn’t ask for personal information – allowing for complete online anonymity of users.

Virtual Shield Payment Options

Virtual Shield Server network

Virtual Shield uses a decent network infrastructure, but it’s only limited to 10 countries, including the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, India, Australia, Japan, and Singapore. The VPN is, however, a little patchy in terms of the specific number of its servers in these regions.

Notably, this poor server coverage by Virtual Shield, considering they don’t have a strong VPN presence in regions like Africa, Asia, and South America. Nonetheless, despite the server distribution limitations, you can rely on Virtual Shield for fast speeds that are quite satisfactory.

Virtual Shield Performance

Our overall experience while using Virtual Shield is acceptable. Apart from issues connecting to some servers, including Canada, we had an amazing experience with the app connectivity. The VPN also sports several advanced features that are coming soon, and we’re excited to know what they’ll offer. This makes VirtualShield, an exciting VPN that you try if you fancy a special experience while browsing the internet.

Virtual Shield Speed Test

In terms of speeds, Virtual Shield also claims to offer high-speed servers that you can use to stream and torrent HD content, hassle-free. We performed several speed tests to confirm these claims.

To obtain a baseline result, we did a speed test without a VPN connection, and this is what we recorded:

Virtual Shield Speed Test 1

We also connected to the best available server, and the results were not far down from the benchmark speeds:

Virtual Shield Speed Test 2

In our third test, connected to a fairly distant server, and we registered decent speeds that are quite sufficient to stream HD content:

Overall, Virtual Shield provides impressive fast speed servers in the ten countries they cover.

Virtual Shield Speed Test 3

Virtual Shield Features

Virtual Shield Internet Kill Switch

Virtual Shield includes an internet kill switch option that can block your internet access if you lose the VPN connection. This implies that you can leave your devices unattended without having to worry about sudden exposures when the VPN connection breaks.

Virtual Shield IPv6 leak protection

Virtual Shield also gives IPv6 leak protection. The feature works by disabling IPv6 traffic when the VPN connection is active. Thanks to this, you can have an assurance that your browsing information doesn’t leak over the regular connections.  This is excellent for users who use IPv6 to access the internet. The leak protection can prevent traffic that might be leaking without your knowledge.

Virtual Shield Always-on-VPN

The always-on-VPN feature allows you automatically connect to Virtual Shield’s best available server when you turn on your internet. The feature works more or less like a kill switch tool, and it’ll automatically detect when your network work shifts. For instance, when your devices change from Ethernet to WiFi – thereby ensuring maximum protection.

Application Guard

Virtual Shield also issues a desktop feature termed as App Guard that you can use to kill certain apps and programs when you disconnect from the VPN protection. In detail, App Guard protects your device’s system by terminating apps that can leak crucial information to the public network without your consent.

Virtual Shield Privacy and Security

Virtual Shield Privacy

Virtual Shield has a worrying legal jurisdiction, which is the United States. The region is known for its massive surveillance, and numerous data retention laws. The US is also a member of the 5-eye countries alliance. Luckily, Virtual Shield somehow finds a way to keep a zero logs policy. And while they’re legally obligated to share users’ information, the VPN doesn’t store information that can otherwise jeopardise you. This is useful information if you’re looking for a US-based VPN that can guarantee your privacy.

Virtual Shield Security

Virtual Shield doesn’t provide detailed information about its security levels. Nonetheless, a deep dive and learned that it uses the trendy AES 256-bit encryption technique. And while we can’t confirm other techniques used, we suspect they also use the 2048-bit RSA as well as the HMAC-218 authentication keys to beef up your security. We were also unable to get the right information from the support agents, but we’re still following up with the technical team via email. Expect an update soon.

Virtual Shield also offers limited connection protocols, including TCP, UDP, and L2TP. Unfortunately, the mobile app only gives TCP and UDP protocols, but these protocols can allow you to stream HD content without compromising on security. Noteworthy, Virtual Shield doesn’t offer industry-standard protocols like OpenVPN and IKEv2 – a major downside.

Finally, you also get additional security features like IPv6 leak protection, App Guard, as well as a customizable internet kill switch.

Virtual Shield Setup and Ease of Use

Virtual Shield displays one of the best website designs in the VPN industry. Navigating the site is pretty straightforward. Moreover, all the information is found on the homepage. Sadly, however, Virtual Shield doesn’t market its best deal of the season like its competitors in the market. Nonetheless, you can still use the information on the landing page to get started with the VPN.

Getting started with Virtual Shield

The process of getting started with Virtual Shield takes less than 10 minutes, and it can up to five minutes max if you’re fast enough. However, we’ve created a straightforward step-by-step guide that you can use to get started:

  • On the homepage, click “Get Started” to begin
  • On the order page, click the category you like and select a plan that you prefer
  • You can also choose the add-on that you fancy (optional)
  • Enter your account information, email, and password
  • Select your payment method and checkout.

Once you’ve confirmed your email address as well as the purchase, open the apps download page. You can now download the app that’s compatible with your current device and get started.

Virtual Shield Clients

Desktop client

Virtual Shield Desktop App

Virtual Shield’s desktop app has a great design. But the feature-arrangement need extra work. Notably, the app appears crowded, but it’s easier to navigate if you care to read the feature names. Thankfully, the usual features are placed at the anticipated positions. This includes the connect and disconnect buttons, as well as the connection status.

For instance, once you’ve entered your login information, you’ll see a home window that also has a list of tiles with status, privacy, and performance. You’ll also see a ton of other “coming soon” features to the right. To connect, click on the “Connect” rectangular button at the center of the VPN page. And since this option chooses the best available server, you can also the “arrow-up” icon at the button of the page to open the full server list.

Virtual Shield Settings

To access the settings page, click on the settings icon on the top menu bar of the desktop client. A new separate window will pop-up. Noteworthy, VirtualShield doesn’t offer many advanced features, but you can still make the most of what’s available. For instance, there’s a kill switch, always-on-VPN, and the app guard features. You can also add an extra layer of security with the IPv6 leak protection technique. Consequently, Virtual Shield also offers a list of connection protocols on the advanced section tab.

Virtual Shield Mobile app

Virtual Shield Mobile App

VirtualShield’s mobile shares the same design theme as its desktop counterparts, but takes a minimalistic mobile design. The app is pretty straightforward, and getting started is even simpler. When you launch the app, click the “SIGN IN” button to enter your login details. If it’s your first time using the smartphone app, you’ll have to accept a series of setup questions. Once you’re done, you’ll be directed to the home page where you can connect to a VPN server. Like the desktop client, click on the “connect” button at the center of the home window to start.

Alternately, tap on the “arrow-up” icon at the bottom of the page to access the server list. You can then select the server location you like and connect. Unfortunately, VirtualShield doesn’t give features that you can use to improve your online experience.

Virtual Shield Compatibility

Compatibility with platforms and devises

VirtualShield supports a wide range of platforms and devices. You can get dedicated apps for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux as well as extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Sadly, VirtualShield doesn’t work with any major streaming devices like gaming consoles, smart TV, Roku, and more. But we predict the VPN has plans underway, and we’ll be seeing configuration files for these devices soon.

Compatibility with streaming services

You’ll be pleased to know that VirtualShield works well with giant streaming services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer. We were able to connect to the UK server in London and streamed HD content on BBC iPlayer. We also managed to unblock the various Netflix libraries around the world, including the US, UK, Germany, and France.

However, we couldn’t open the Netflix Canada library, given the Canadian server didn’t connect. Moreover, we had trouble unblocking Disney+ while connected to Australia and the UK, but we managed to stream using the US’s New York server. Thankfully, VirtualShield gives you a way you can overcome geo-restrictions and watch any content online, thanks to their streaming add-on. But this will cost you $9.99 a month to get.

Compatibility with torrenting

VirtualShield works well with torrenting, thanks to its support P2P secure filesharing. Furthermore, the VPN promises 100% anonymity while you’re connected to its servers. However, VirtualShield warns:

However, only our Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS apps will protect your entire connection.
The Chrome/Firefox/Opera extension(s) will only protect what’s inside of your browser. They will not protect your BitTorrent/P2P software.

Therefore, we suggest you download the dedicated apps on your device before you can torrent content from the various libraries around the world.

Compatibility in China

Virtual Shield isn’t clear on whether it works in China and other repressive countries. And since we couldn’t confirm its compatibility in these heavily censored regions, we sort to consult the VPN’s support agents. Here’s what Rachel had to say, “There are a few countries such as China and Cuba that have strict restrictions against VPNs, but you will be able to access our secure network from anywhere else in the world.

Virtual Shield Customer Service

Virtual Shield Customer Service

Virtual Shield gives you a variety of customer support options to choose from. The VPN now offers a LiveChat tool. Contact form, and an extensive knowledgebase system.

Moreover, to quick help, you can try the LiveChat service, by clicking on the floating red button called ‘Get Support.’ We had a good experience chatting with human agents but were a bit disappointed because most agents lack technical knowledge of the VPN. This is because they had to put us on hold to allow them consult the technical team before they could get back to us. Nonetheless, the agents were able to answer our questions correctly in the end. Unfortunately, VirtualShield’s LiveChat tool isn’t available around the clock. You can only get them between 7AM and &PM PST.

Additionally, if you’d rather engage its technical team, then we advise you use the ticket system. Tap on the Contact link at the top-right side of the help center to fill a form. Typically, VirtualShield responds within 30 minutes of waiting time.

Finally, VirtualShield has also invested heavily in its knowledge base system. The VPN sorts article as per various topics, including all platforms, and other categories like billing, and general news. Thanks to this, you can always use the information posted about various topics by visiting the help center. And to easily locate what you want, use the search bar at the top of the support page.

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