Vimmy Review: A Trusted Push Ad Networks

Have you ever noticed a small message that show up on your mobile and computer devices? These messages are called push notification ads. App and web publishers can send them at any time to all users who opt-in to receive them. Push notifications are a great source of traffic for almost all businesses,

There are various Push Ad Networks in the market, but the right ones are those who provide the best conversion rate and lets the users have a lower ad cost, and one of such networks present in the market is Vimmy.

About Vimmy

Vimmy offers a high-quality push traffic source for advertisers and publishers. Here I will put an honest and comprehensive review on the Vimmy ad network. It provides push-notification services with quality traffic from almost all GEOs, with high conversions, fast set up, and quality personal assistance.

Vimmy is a Push Ad network that is present in the digital marketing industry for a while now and lets the users work on efficient push ads and have a lower ad cost. Its anti-fraud technology makes sure that the ad campaigns have a good return with real-time users, and no bot interference.

Why Vimmy:

Some of the reasons for why we should choose Vimmy- Best Push Ad network in the market are given below.

  • Easy to launch campaigns.
  • Ensure high ROIs for advertisers.
  • 100% Safe and Secure.
  • Various Targeting options available.
  • All vertical and GEOs worldwide.
  • Rewarding referral program
  • Detailed Statistics
  • Anti fraudulent software
  • Quick response and live customer support
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Low bids in most countries.
  • All Campaigns are approved faster than any other Ad network.


–Self – Serve Platform: Vimmy works as a self-serve platform. We can also call it a demand-side platform (DSP). In case you don’t know about it, let’s break it into simple words. A self-serve or demand-side platform actually works by bringing the right advertisers or media buyers to the right publishers who have the matching content and traffic accordingly. This is done through programmatic bidding.-

–Anti- Fraud Technology: Vimmy is a safe network free of spams and frauds. Their tools are designed in a way that they prevent suspicious traffic from reaching campaigns and prevents fraudulent transactions. They keep your personal information safe and you have complete access to your info and can get it removed or replaced any time you want.

–High- Load Projects:

Their team has successfully developed and implemented high load projects over several years on the adtech market and they are capable to serve thousands of connections simultaneously to their users and prevent issues like slow page loading, random errors, and customer losses.

–Ad-Rotation: Vimmy makes it sure that the campaigns are highly successful and the ads reach the audience. Therefore they use machine learning which is a type of AI that uses statistical techniques to ensure that the ad campaigns are shown to the desired users on their desired devices at the desired time.

–Big- Data: They apply the modern techniques and approach for working with and handling large amounts of data which helps advertisers and marketers to gain useful insights regarding their business strategies. Big data enables digital marketers to better target users with highly personalized ads.

–Referral Program: The Referral Program is an extra earning option for the advertisers and every of the ‘Vimmy Partner’ gets a 3 percent commission every time someone will sign up using the particular referral link. One can promote the platform in any way like sharing referral links on social media or with friends.

–Detailed graphs and statistics: Vimmy has the capability to offer transparent and complete data pertaining to sales graphs, campaigns, etc. This information helps you in tracking your campaign and gives you details about the impact of your campaign, its sales, status of the campaign, etc. The traffic charts they provide are helpful in understanding the worldwide impact of your campaign.

–Low budget test campaigns: —You can also test your campaigns with a lesser budget and the minimum budget required is around $50.

–Personal Account Manager: All the advertisers on Vimmy are provided with a Personal Account Manager for efficient running of the campaigns. They can also optimize their campaigns and offer you help and tips to attract more sales with the help of targeted Push notifications.

Customer Support

Vimmy offers customer support services with a team of experts who are always ready to give new ideas and insights that help to meet your goals. There is a chat option with experts on the website along with the direct contact options of support in your account and e-mail. You can also follow and reach out to the team via Facebook, Telegram and Instagram also.

Targeting Options with

The targeting options offered by Vimmy are:

  • ISP
  • Whitelist IP
  • Blacklist IP
  • Region
  • Usage Type
  • Device Resolution
  • Browser
  • Platform
  • Country
  • White list site
  • Black list site

Do We Recommend

Yes, We do Recommend Vimmy Ad Network because It is one of the best and fastest growing Push notification Ad Networks. So this was all about this high revenue-generating ad network. Vimmy is a great choice for Advertisers, affiliates, and agencies especially to launch fast, and highly profitable campaigns and to bring quality leads to the clients. This self-served platform puts you in control to decide your campaigns and provides statistics. Vimmy is on the whole a safe and highly profitable platform to work with.

Try it today and boost up your sale. We highly recommend it!

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