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Using a CRM as an eCommerce seller who is trying to scale and automate your business is a strategic choice. If you are reading this, you already know that you want and need a CRM to help you manage your eCommerce business. The only question that is still open-ended is which eCommerce CRM you should choose?!

 That is why I decided to compare two of the leading tools available on the market today Reply Manager and Subivi eCommerce CRM. I am not affiliated with either of these companies and the opinions I present here are based on my personal experiences and market research. This article is meant to help you make a more informed decision. 

For those of you who are short on both time and patience, here is a features and price comparison I made for both tools. Objectively speaking Subivi offers more at a much more competitive price. I also really like that Subivi is a CRM that is geared towards boosting sales including an up/cross-selling feature as well as Artificial Intelligence [AI] technology which helps sellers appear higher in eBay search results.

 Let’s talk more in-depth and compare the 5 issues which I think are crucial to understanding before you make a final decision:

  1. Pricing – 

Subivi’s pricing starts at $9 a month for the basic package which includes one ‘source’ or eCommerce store. These prices are monthly, with no annual commitment required. Also, you have a free 7-day trial where you do not need to enter any credit card details. 

Reply manager, on the other hand, charges 29 euros for their basic package which based on the exchange rates on the date this article was published is $32.

The only catch is that this price is actually per user per month with a three user minimum meaning Reply Manager’s most basic package actually costs $96 per month. Let me magnify the fine print for you in case it slipped by you the first time (I actually totally missed this the first time I considered signing up with them): 

Check out this customer review I found on Web Retailer regarding the dishonesty of Reply Manager’s pricing scheme:

  1. Customer support – 

CRMs help you manage your eCommerce customer support but what about the customer support that CRM provides for you. You are paying for a new tool that you need to learn and get accustomed to. You want to make sure you are paying for a tool that has a team of dedicated people who will help you get set up after you’ve registered. I found some really positive review’s on Trustpilot regarding Subivi’s onboarding process, have a look: 

ReplyManager also appears to have great customer support:

  1. Software flexibility – In terms of Subivi I found a review on TechZone  written by one of Subivi’s customer’s called John. He seems to be really happy with Subivi’s willingness to add a feature he had specifically asked them for. I have not personally experienced this but I think this makes a lot of sense. They appear to have a willingness to adapt their software to real needs presented by sellers, have a look: 

I reached out to John and discovered that the feature he had asked for was a ticket-specific reminder so that he would never forget to take care of certain tasks such as following up with a customer or a shipping provider like UPS. This is what this customer-generated feature looks like:

On the other hand, ReplyManager appears to make upgrades and changes to their system and force their users to use them without performing any initial testing. Based solely on independent reviews, the results of this endeavor were “Abysmal” and “Horrible”:

  1. Language support – 

ReplyManager offers ‘Language Detection’, from the way they describe it, this means that you will know your message is in French, for example,  but will have to leave their site in order to translate it. This is a recipe for inefficiency in my opinion, especially if you are dealing with tens of international customers a day.

Subivi offers a built-in translation tool that supports 100 languages so you can translate both your customers’ as well as your own messages without ever having to leave their site.

  1. Up/cross-selling capabilities – 

Subivi is a CRM that appears to focus on features that have a monetary focus meaning features that help sellers increase their revenue. One such feature is their ‘cross-selling’ tool which allows sellers to set up automated messages which are linked to a specific SKUs and are sent out with a special offer to buy a related item. Mathew seems to be greatly profiting from this:

In terms of Reply Manager, I was actually a bit disappointed to find out that they do not currently have a cross-selling feature. In fact, none of their features or tools are really ‘profit-oriented’ which for me is extremely important, eCommerce is a business after all. In all fairness, ReplyManger did have one feature which did stand out to me though again not in terms of a seller’s bottom line. They call it ‘Reports & Administration’ which allows you to give user permissions and control who on your team has access to what, which is very useful if you employ VAs or virtual assistants. 

The Final Verdict 

Both Subivi and ReplyManager have their pros and cons. From the reviews, I have read which are ‘subjective’ and from the ‘objective’ product offering and pricing, Subivi seems like the more attractive option to me. Please keep in mind that this is my personal opinion based on everything I laid out above, feel free to do your own research and leave a comment below letting everyone know which CRM you prefer and why. 

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