Top 3 Best Payment Processing platform With Cryptocurrency Wallet In The World

There are many reliable cryptocurrency payment gateways development companies that help you create your own payment gateway like Prodoge. By using this means, they can totally eradicate the third parties that extend the time of transactions and enhance their cost as well. As the usage of crypto is increasing, the need for different tools for facilitating the payments is also growing.

This is a list of some of the top cryptocurrency wallet available in the market that accept Bitcoin and altcoins as payment. Apart from Bitcoin payment processing, some of the major currencies that these crypto payment processors can help merchants accept include Ethereum, etc.


Prodoge is a payment processing platform designed to help businesses send invoices, sell products or services, manage point-of-sale (POS) operations and accept transactions in the form of cryptocurrencies, credit or debit cards, and several third-party systems. Its search functionality allows supervisors to retrieve information about specific customers, products, and services according to individual requirements.

Using Prodoge, managers can gain visibility into transaction history and create embeddable widgets to accept cryptocurrency or card payments and donations. Businesses can list products or services with images, descriptions, and shipping details on the online marketplace. The client chat functionality allows agents to communicate with buyers, sellers, and other business owners. It also offers a mobile application for iOS devices, which helps users manage payments, receive automated notifications, create storefronts, and more.

Prodoge lets businesses generate invoices and export transaction records in CSV format. The platform supports cryptocurrencies such as Doge Cash, DigiByte, Verge, Ethereum, Dogecoin, USD Coin, and Bitcoin. Supervisors can also create payment links and share them with customers via chat, emails, and social media channels.

2- Blockonomics

Blockonomics is known as one of the most sophisticated cryptocurrency payment processors. It is permissionless and does not need any third-party authentication or extra API integration to support the transactions. The procedure to make payments is highly innovative and secure. To pay with cryptocurrency, the user only needs to scan the QR code provided on the webpage of the merchant or from digital wallets. Blockonomics supports a significantly vast range of other cryptocurrencies owing to its built-in integration with Shapeshift. The platform charges a 1% fee. Businesses in major economies such as the US, Germany, France, Canada, UK, etc are among the ones that mostly use Blockonomics.

3- Bitpay

One of the most long-lasting crypto payment gateways in the world, Bitpay, came into the market in 2011.You can download the Bitpay app and start accepting online payments and transactions, with the fees starting from 1%. For convenient crypto to fiat transactions, Bitpay also allows Bitpay Debit Cards.  Among its various features, the Bitpay gateway has eCommerce plugins that are open source.

The API-based platform of Bitpay makes it highly interactive to the users. To provide enhanced security, it also offers a two-factor authentication system. Bitpay has multi-user facilities and multilingual support features available for more than forty languages worldwide. Bitpay, over the years, has emerged as a trusted partner for some of the most reputed businesses in the world including Amazon, Master Card, Delta,, etc. Bitpay is widely popular as a crypto payment processor that lead to the usage of cryptocurrencies for transactions, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, etc.


A careful examination of all the above 3 payment gateways described above offers us insights into what makes a crypto payment gateway better than the others. It’s a combination of low fees, ease-of-integration for merchants and sellers, and a wide range of functionalities.

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