DGLegacy Review: Best Digital Inheritance Management Platform

There was a time when most people could get by with a handful of easy-to-remember passwords. But with more and more personal and financial data being stored online, the need for complicated passwords and secure ways to store them has given rise to the password manager.

According to Keeper Security, 81% of data breaches are due to weak password security with the average cost of a data breach to a company coming in at $7 million.1 Password managers let users create hard-to-break passwords and automatically log in to websites without having to remember those passwords. Many also analyze the strength of passwords, monitor accounts for data breaches, and provide secure private browsing networks.

We looked at over a dozen password managers and chose the best based on reputation, ease of use, additional security features, quality of free plans, cost, and more. Here are our top pick named DGLegacy.

What is DGLegacy?

DGLegacy is a digital inheritance management platform where you can store your passwords and documents. It organizes your digital and financial assets and enables you to enroll beneficiaries and trustees. It detects any unforeseen events and informs your loved ones to ensure that they receive their inheritance. DGLegacy uses emails and phone calls to determine and verify your status regularly as well as to contact your beneficiaries. It also provides legal support and trustee help to guide them through the process of identifying their assigned assets and claiming their inheritance. DGLegacy secures your data and confidentiality through private centers based in the EU. It complies with EU GDPR guidelines and the CPPA regulations in the USA. It also implements SSL/TLS encryption to further secure your information.

DGLegacy Benefits

The main benefits of DGLegacy are password and asset organization, unforeseen event detection, and beneficiary and trustee support.

-Password and Asset Organization

DGLegacy enables you to organize your passwords and digital assets. You can catalog them into various types of assets, including insurance policies, cryptocurrencies, and retirement plans, among others. This catalog helps you find and update your assets more easily.  DGLegacy allows you to upload relevant documents as well as asset snapshots to give your beneficiaries additional information.

-Digital inheritance service:

DGLegacy is a password management and asset protection digital inheritance service through which, in the case of an unforeseen event happening to you, people whom you designate as beneficiaries will be informed about your passwords and assets and will be able to identify and locate them, thus minimizing the chance of an unclaimed assets.

-Protect Your Identity:

To protect your identity and data, DGLegacy doesn’t require you to provide sensitive information like bank accounts and financial standing. It also protects your data through bank-level cryptography and encryption.

-Unforeseen Event Detection

DGLegacy proactively verifies your status regularly through a custom Heartbeat Protocol. You can configure the recurring confirmation email according to a specific time interval. This email will have a link that you can use to confirm your status. DGLegacy also sends reminder emails to your primary and secondary addresses should you fail to confirm your status. The final step in the protocol involves a phone call with a representative to further verify an unforeseen event.

-Beneficiary and Trustee Support

DGLegacy helps your beneficiaries and trustees navigate the asset identification and claiming process. They are notified via email and phone notifications in the case of an unforeseen event. They can also access trustee help and legal packages for the specific type of asset you’ve assigned to them.

DGLegacy features

Main features of DGLegacy are:

  • Confirmation Email
  • Reminder Emails
  • Phone Call Confirmation
  • Email Notifications
  • Phone Notifications
  • Trustee Help
  • Guide and Inform Legal Package
  • Asset Catalog
  • Beneficiaries and Trustees
  • Document Storage
  • Encryption
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Dedicated Beneficiaries Support


The image below shows the starting prices for each type of plans at DGLegacy.

Our Recommendation:

Don’t listen to the naysayers – DGLegacy is one of the best password managers in 2021. And while it costs more economic than your average competitor, DGLegacy more than makes up for it with an impressive feature list.

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