Top 3 Best Amazon Keyword Discovery Tool In The World.

Keyword  discovery is an essential part of your Amazon product launch. Investing the time to properly assess the most important keywords in your niche can maximize your revenue potential. It may position your product to be the highest ranked item for valuable search queries. For that you need a best Amazon Keyword Discovery Tool that will sort your every problem regarding the same.

Your sales are only as strong as their searches, and most of it starts with having the right keywords. But instead of throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, take a data-driven approach that fits with Amazon’s A9 search algorithm. Check out this list of the ten best Amazon keyword tools for third-party sellers.

Finding the most effective Amazon keyword discovery tool is easy, we have reached out to the top sellers in the game and been busy with our own testing to come up with the best of the best. 

Check them out!

Top 3 Best Amazon Keyword Discovery Tool


Sellozo- Campaign Studio which is an easy Keyword Discovery and Drag-and-Drop Campaign Management tool for Amazon Sellers.

With Sellozo’s Campaign Studio feature, you can plan, map, and optimize your next promotional strategy with visually driven tools designed specially for Amazon sellers. No matter your campaign needs—from keyword selection, to campaign mapping, and more—Campaign Studio’s simple-but-powerful features will help you create  promotions that drive sales.

Amazon Keyword Discovery tool helps you understand the best keywords to use in your listing by giving adequate data for making this decision. High search ranks mean good sales. Increase your profits and sales with high performing keywords using the Sellozo Amazon Keyword Search Tool. It will smartly use keywords that are most searched by your potential customers. Increase the chances of getting a sale.

Sellozo- Campaign Studio Features

Some of the great features of Sellozo- Campaign studio ( Amazon Keyword Discovery Tools) are given below.

  • Visually based campaign modeling tools 
  • Custom and premade campaign templates
  • Algorithm- and machine learning-based search term/keyword research tools
  • Easy keyword management and cross-campaign implementation


Some of the great benefits which make Sellozo Campaign Studio unique from any similar Amazon Keyword Discovery tools available in the market are given below.

  • Easy management : Time-saving management of multiple campaign assets.
  • Hassle-Free Campaign Creation: Visually based campaign modeling for intuitive creation.
  • Bulk implementation : Consistency-boosting cross-campaign implementation of changes.
  • Amazon compatibility: Fully compatible with Amazon Campaign structure.

2. SellerApp

SellerApp specially designed for Amazon PPC management for Amazon sellers, it helps you to quickly reach your target ACoS by going through the campaign data in minutes easily. It Increases your Ad ranks by bidding on top buyers keywords with best keyword optimization strategy. SellerApp PPC Analyzer helps you to grab top ad position easily.

SellerApp – All In One Amazon Seller Tools  Other Feature :

  1. Product Research
  2. Product Listing
  3. Amazon Keyword Research
  4. Amazon Seller Analytics
  5. Amazon PPC Analyzer
  6. Amazon Competitor Lookup
  7. Amazon Product Alerts
  8. Amazon Listing Quality

3. PPC Scope

PPC Scope could be your Amazon PPC management program which may allow you to optimize your own Amazon PPC campaigns using their simple investigation charts that reveal you that the large picture of your effort results and history. PPCscope uses innovative analytical tools which assist you to determine the strengths and flaws on your PPC campaigns, showing you which keywords will work, and assisting you to replace the ones which are not. You will be in a position to make wise decisions, utilizing the info accumulated in the current and past campaigns, together along with ease.


When it comes to deciding on which Amazon keyword Research tool to use, its essentially down to individual preference. The best thing about the majority of these tools is that they offer trials, so you can test and see what works best for your Amazon Business.

If we could choose only 1 Amazon keyword research tool as “The Best” it would be without down the new SELLOZO. This is what we use day to day in our own Amazon FBA business setups as do many of the high-level sellers we spoke to when researching this post.

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