Affordable Cloud Hosting from CloudCone – Now with Domain Registrations Service

To ensure the success of your website, get the ideal domain name. Because the ideal domain is the foundation of your website, selecting the incorrect domain name could lead to numerous issues down the road.

CloudCone, the fastest-growing cloud hosting provider, offers cloud hosting solutions for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and start-up businesses.

CloudCone, founded in 2017, after the success of QuadCone, has now become the most popular cloud hosting service, having deployed more than 150,000 cloud instances worldwide.

The CloudCone Domain Registrations Service is now available.

Since its inception, CloudCone has been a fantastic hosting provider, and it just recently introduced its domain registration service! is a provider of cloud hosting.

A strong online presence will enable you to develop your own brand and acquire the credibility required to draw in more clients online, thus choosing the ideal domain name for your company is crucial. A domain name serves as the cornerstone of your online presence.

A domain name serves as the distinctive domain name address that people use to quickly find your website on the internet, making it the foundation of your online presence. You don’t need to consider much because CloudCone offers a variety of TLD domains, including .com, .net, .org, in a reasonable price range.

Just $0.99 for top-level domain name

A generic top-level domain (gTLD) that works well for any kind of website is extension.

One of the best things is that you can get this domain name for just $0.99 thanks to CloudCone’s recently introduced domain registration service, which allows you to purchase top-level domain names for a fair price. And, one of them is available to you for just $0.99.

What is registering a domain name?

The straightforward procedure of reserving a distinctive domain name for a website on the internet for a specific amount of time—typically one year, though you can register a domain for up to four years—is known as domain name registration.

Benefits of a Strong Online Presence with a Domain Name

A domain name acts as the distinctive domain name (in accordance with your business) that people may use to quickly and easily find your website on the internet (search engines), and it serves as the main foundation of your online presence. Search engines like Google say that without a domain name, your website is just a list of numbers (IP address), which is hard to remember and not user-friendly.


In today’s cutthroat online business environment, a domain name provides your website a professional appearance and feel, which is crucial if you want to expand and treat your business seriously. This demonstrates that you are a respectable company or professional organisation and gives your internet presence even more credibility.


Business branding is crucial, especially for competitive organisations. A domain name can aid in brand development and improve brand recognition for your website. Your brand’s identification and recall among consumers can be readily increased with a brief, memorable, and relevant domain name.


By making your website SEO-friendly and making it easier for search engines to index and rank your website at the top of search results, a domain name that is appropriate for your business or niche may also aid with SEO.


A website needs security, and a distinctive domain name can help shield it from viruses, phishing attempts, and other online threats.


Owning a brand domain name for your company assures that no one else can use this particular name for their website, which is something that nobody wants to happen to their organisation.


You may quickly generate expert email addresses with a domain name (like, which will help you project a more credible image and make it more easier for customers and client to contact.

How to easily register a domain with CloudCone

The key to online success is selecting a suitable domain name that is simple to type, simple to search for, and simple to remember. The steps listed below will assist you in registering a domain name.

STEP 1: Visit Select the Register a Domain page next.

STEP 2-Enter any domain you like in the search box; if it already exists, select “Continue.”

Step 3: Enter your information. You must take care of the following before entering your information: contract length, DNS settings, address, automatic renewal, privacy protection, and auto-renewal.

STEP 4. You now select the “Buy Domain” option to finish the transaction.


Don’t pass up the opportunity to increase your internet visibility and draw in new clients if you’re looking for inexpensive domain registration. Create an account with Cloudcone right now to buy a domain!

In conclusion, Cloudcone offers more than just dependable cloud hosting; they also provide a domain registration service to aid in the development of a credible online identity. With its numerous TLD choices, affordable price, and simple domain name registration process, Cloudcone makes it simple to identify and secure the ideal domain name for your company.

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