Uranium Backup Review: A Trusted Data Recovery Software

Selecting the proper data recovery software is crucial for any online organisation. A well-designed website does not guarantee that a data recovery software will rank top in Google’s search results.
On the market for Data Recovery Software providers, there are many choices. Ideally, you should pick the service provider that can meet all of your needs in a package that is affordable. Additionally, you would need to conduct a thorough examination of every Data Recovery Software that provides what you want. The comprehensive research covers every factor you should take into account when selecting a data recovery programme. The following is a list of the most typical parameters:

Price, features, technical support, and client testimonials.

When choosing a Data Recovery Software for your company, you should take into account a few of the more crucial factors that are listed above. An overview of the Uranium Backup, Data Recovery Software will be provided in this post. They are a well-known data recovery software company that offers a variety of features and services at a reasonable cost. Let’s get going.

About Uranium Backup:

With the ability to backup everything of your data, Uranium Backup is the most complete and flexible backup application available. This application is popular with plenty of people all over the world. This Windows software for internet data backup is quite good. With Uranium, users and enterprises get a cost-effective, incredibly dependable cloud backup service.

A reliable, easy-to-use, and competitively priced backup application is Uranium Backup. Users of Uranium have access to a unique and user-friendly interface that allows them to conduct backups and manage associated tasks. The best data recovery programme is called Uranium, and it is offered in 13 different languages and has been sold in over 100 different nations.


The following are some outstanding characteristics that set Uranium Backup apart from its rivals in the market:

-SQL Server backup: Uranium Backup is the most reliable backup application for both personal and business data. It makes it possible to backup files and folders (full backup, incremental backup, and differential backup).

-FTP client: File transfers between hosts on a TCP network are made possible via the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) network protocol. It is a widely accepted protocol that may be used to upload webpages and back up data. It comes with an efficient FTP client called Uranium Backup.

-Backup on the Cloud: By taking an off-site backup of your data using well-known cloud storage services like Amazon S3, you may take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of cloud backup.

-Data Copy and Transfer: Uranium Backup enables file and folder transfers from local pathways or the network to any mass storage device, including external USB, Firewire, Thunderbolt, SATA, Ethernet, RDX drives, NAS, and SAN devices.

-Unlimited Backups: Due to the versatility of this free backup software, backup sets may be configured with an infinite number of object sources.

With Uranium Backup, you can plan frequent, concurrent backups of databases on local networks or distant servers without impacting service. -Zip Compression and AES 256-BIT Encryption (hot backup). Profit from strong backup features like ZIP compression, AES 256-bit encryption, and the option to verify the accuracy of the backup file. Files from SQL Server backups can be transferred in a number of places.

Why Uranium Backup:

The Uranium Backup service’s configuration enables handling of execution conflicts between two or more backups that may be performed simultaneously.

The service further improves Uranium’s reliability by enabling backups to be performed even when the machine is not actively in use.

-Fast and Secure: The user-friendly UI makes configuring a backup set simple. Because the reporting system will alert in the case of a problem, data are always in control. As a consequence, it provides a lot of storage space and the option to restore data to all servers if the company needs it.

-Free Qualified Service: The support staff provides prompt, savvy, and cost-free technical help to all licence subscribers.

-Adaptibility: Uranium Backup has a high degree of adaptability. It includes a free version for backing up files and folders, but for more advanced uses like storing up disc images, databases, and virtual machines, it needs a specific licence. In addition to backing up data on hard drives, NAS, tape drives, FTP servers, and cloud storage, Uranium Backup also backs up data on disc images (Drive Images), Exchange mailboxes, databases, and virtual machines.

-Email notification: You may set up emails to notify different recipients of all the information necessary to operate in the event of a problem. Uranium Backup offers total control for total security.

Unambiguous License Policy: Each installation requires a single unlimited licence.

-Reliability : One of a company’s most important resources is its data, and its loss can have serious consequences. Data protection is safe and effective using Uranium Backup.


The fantastic support staff at Uranium Backup is always available via live chat or the support ticket system. They have shown to be quite helpful and responsive in my experience. Every issue I had set up was fixed by them.
One of the few data recovery programmes with live chat and email help available round-the-clock is Uranium Backup. When managing site-specific difficulties or anything other than responding to general tech questions, I have found their support personnel to be quite swift to resolve problems.

Reasonable Cost:

One of the most affordable suppliers of data recovery software on the market, according to Uranium Backup, who makes this claim with pride. And to be fair, they do an excellent job of maintaining the veracity of that assertion.
The fact that Uranium Backup’s rates are presented to visitors on its website in an open and transparent manner is one thing that distinguishes it from other data recovery software. I believe Uranium Backup merits kudos for taking this action. In fact, you don’t even need to scroll down the page to view their plan price on the majority of screen resolutions and layouts! Additionally, their features are presented succinctly so that prospective clients may read them and determine whether Uranium Backup’s plans are appropriate for them.

Our Experience:

I’ve evaluated more than three comparable data recovery programmes at Techozens.com, and this one is unquestionably among the best in terms of quality.
I’ve used Uranium Backup for a total of three months before to writing this review. I’m more than happy with my experience inside that time limit. Up to this moment, there had been no negative. Thanks to their help staff, it was simple to set up and had processing capability comparable to other online data recovery software.

Final Words:

With all of this in mind, let’s get to the crux of the matter: “Would we recommend it? ”
And there is without a doubt a loud “YES” to this. Any business or influencer attempting to boost data recovery service by utilizing Uranium Backup’s secure and reliable Data Recovery Software will find Uranium Backup to be a value-oriented, transparent, and highly-respected software.
Uranium Backup will work well if you’re wanting to promote your brand by employing a reliable data recovery programme.
We also strongly advise Uranium Backup to anybody searching for a convenient, excellent solution. They offer quick service, excellent support, and outstanding features. All of these are offered for a really reasonable cost (relative to what you receive) without sacrificing quality.

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