Top 3 Best PBN Hosting Providers In The World

SEO is pretty easy to game if you know how to do it right. PBN can help you to boost your rankings instantly. But, there are many drawbacks as well if you don’t play safely with it.

Google is updating and announcing new algorithms on a daily basis. If you want to stay one step ahead of Google, then these Best PBN Hosting Reviews are the perfect remedy to all of your problems.

The Personal Blog Network is quite famous among SEOs and is very popular in the affiliate marketing field as well. It is one of the most remarkable ways to build backlinks for your website to rank and bank.

As we all know, PBN requires good money to invest. So, you have spent plenty of money and time putting them up registering the domain names, and all of the content on the websites. You have done everything great from registering a domain to filling it with good content, and you cannot afford to make any silly mistake to lose everything before even getting started.

Do not neglect PBN hosting provider as it can ruin all your efforts and in the end, you will get nothing. That is why you have to pay attention to PBN safety basics to make sure everything works out perfectly in the end.


PBNKINGS offers PBN hosting services with a lot of features. With your PBNs hosted with PBN hosting, you’ll ensure that server-side fingerprints are never left in your PBNs. Hosting with PBN gives you the freedom to choose from a range of high-quality hosting providers while still managing everything from a single dashboard, leaving no server-side traces.


Highlighted below are some of the great features that make PBNKINGS unique when compared to their competitors in the market:

-Best PBN Hosting: They provide the best PBN hosting solutions. Offering the lowest prices, for the safest PBN hosting available today

-PBN Domains: Do you need clean, strong, safe & cost effective PBN domains? If so then we have the best on the market. Hand selected, vigorously checked based on our years of PBN domain knowledge.

-Ready Built PBNs For Sale : If you want the simplicity of a Private Blog Network that is already built for you. Then you will really like our Ready Built PBNs.

-Built for you PBNs: Would you like your Private Blog Network sites built for you? If you already have the domain, but want a professional safe PBN website built by our expert team. Then you will find the solution here.-PBN Links for Sale: Buy super clean, powerful and cost effect PBN links for your websites. Boost your rankings from years of experience.

-SEO Help & Advice: If your struggling understanding a very complexed SEO world. Read to many conflicting bits of information? Then your be glad to hear that all our Hosting customers.

2. PBN.Hosting:

PBN hosting is also famous for its wonderful services around the globe. The PBN Hosting is one of the very best PBN hosting options and uses CDN to host your sites.  With the help of CDN, your websites are run quicker than usual, and you’re currently using static HTML pages instead of WordPress, which can be fast in speed.

One of the major benefits of using PBN Hosting is the characteristic of IP addresses they supply.  Their plan prices around just $ 59 per month for 20 domain names that are different. The benefit of using a PBN Hosting is that it can be imported easily and quickly.

We can immediately launch the blogs; it utilizes CDN to raise the rate of the site; simple monitoring of the sites from single dashboard along with the calculation of bandwidth and Google index counts time by time to avoid de indexation of the site.

3. Virtual Private Server Hosting:

Virtual Private Server Hosting is a traditional way to host pbn’s for many webmasters. Virtual private hosting is the logical choice amongst many well-known website owners.  The personal server combined with IP hiding techniques including CDNs (content delivery networks), and IP suppliers like RocketIP, is utilized in VPS hosting.

Its main aim is to sponsor large PBN on a VPS at the cost of around $ 49 a month and then to route IPs of every domain via a service so that they appear to come from various regions with different IP addresses.

According to a survey, its calculated de-indexed domain percentage came out to be 28.9%, which is not a risky situation, for a few IPS, although it was as large as 84.6% for the other that is highly unacceptable.

Since it’s not that risky, you can always go for it. But, I’d suggest, you go with this.

Our Recommendation: PBNKINGS

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