Top 3 Best Email Verification Tools During COVID-19

You want to notify your customers about your COVID-19 disaster plan, but before blasting your entire email list you should validate it first. Otherwise, many of your emails could land up in spam. Upload up to 100,000 emails and given below list of best 3 email verification tools will run your email list through our validation service for economical price. You’ll receive a report on how healthy your email list is.

Top 3 Best Email Verification Tools During COVID-19


2) Zero Bounce

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Zero Bounce is an award-winning email validation and checker service trusted by thousands of companies worldwide. As an email bounce checker, it removes invalid email addresses, keeping the user’s email list clean, thus, increasing protection against spam emails and deliverability with the use of the ZeroBounce AI that checks emails for activity levels and its quality. Enhancing one’s email list can also be done by adding missing data (e.g. subscriber’s first and last name, gender, city, state, etc) to better sort complex email list.

Features of the email validation tool includes the abuse email checker that tracks spam emails, email gender append, the disposable email checker that tracks temporary emails, email validation API that uses an IT language to verify email addresses in a platform, the catch-all email checker that validates emails, selectable download options, the spam trap checker, social append that finds the full name and location of a certain email user, the email bounce checker, and the PI information append.

It also has a toxic domain checker that tracks suspicious domains known for abuse, spam, and bots. The overview reports feature provides a general overview with regard to the kind of data and data consumption. It also has features such as the free email checker, MX record detection that recognizes whether an address is genuine or not, the MX record recording, the SMTP provider information that easily groups emails in terms of their common mail provider, the email typo correction, and the anti-greylisting technology that gives the most accurate email validation results.

Pricing per 5,000 to 100,000 emails starts at $0.007.

3) Email List Verify

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Email List Verify offers full-featured email verification at a reasonable price. This service aims to let users save money on email marketing and eventually increase the return of investment. It also protects the domain’s reputation score by getting rid of spam traps and hard bounces.

Verifying and identifying bad emails is the primary concern of Email List Verify. To achieve this, the service conducts domain and SMTP validation and activates its spam trap checker. Its disposable emails cleaner also gets rid of short-lived emails.

It also has a syntax error validator, a hard bounce checker, and an email duplicator remover that detect inaccurate, invalid- and duplicate emails. The MTA validator also runs advanced checks to validate MX records in the email messages.

It guarantees that all uploaded email addresses are protected and encrypted using the 256-bit SSL protocol and can only be accessed by a user with the proper login credentials.

Email List Verify offers packing options that suit the customer’s needs. It charges $4 per 1,000 emails and $3,290 for 10 million verified emails. It promises a one time payment option that includes the application’s API and has no monthly payments. The number of credits included in the package never expires with its “Pay As You Go” option, allowing users to use the number of emails until it reaches its limit.

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