Top 3 Best Amazon Sales Rank Tools In The World

In 2021, more people are discovering the benefits of starting an Amazon FBA business. On Amazon, it is possible for everyone to build a business that starts to generate high-level and regular income in a relatively short time.

Getting started can be overwhelming, but luckily there are a number of great tools that can help you to optimize your business.

It’s easy to find a list of top Amazon sales rank  tools online, but not all of them are geared to newbies. The list below should put you on the right track to build a successful Amazon business.

Finding the most effective Amazon Amazon sales ranks tools is easy, we have reached out to the top sellers in the game and been busy with our own testing to come up with the best of the best. 

Check them out!

Best Amazon Sales Rank Tools In The World


There is no spreadsheets, no confusion, no surprises in Sellozo’s ProductVu.

Sellozo’s ProductVu allows you to track product performance across your entire inventory and use that data to  inform campaigns — all in one place.

ProductVu Features

Some of the great features of “Sellozo’s ProductVu” are given below.

  • In-depth product cost and sales analysis 
  • Multiple analysis levels (SKU, ASIN, and Parent ASIN)
  • Smart tags
  • Unique product categories 

Sellozo’s ProductVu Benefits:

Here’s a look at some of the unique benefits of Sellozo’s ProductVu dashboard tool

  • Zero confusion:  Quickly toggle between products and product categories without complicated spreadsheets.
  • Easy grouping: Use our unique product tags to quickly group like products and measure revenue across categories.
  • Privacy: Keep your product information like pricing and revenue private; Amazon cannot access information stored in ProductVu (or any of Sellozo’s tools and platforms).
  • All-in-one accumulation: From cost of goods to shipping information and more, your product data is stored and easily available in ProductVu.

2-Helium 10

Sellers will be able to appreciate the fact that Helium 10 offers some features that are not always bundled together with product research tools.

For instance, Helium 10 provides a feature they call Cerebro. With this, users can look at different ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) to see how certain keywords are performing.

Sellers who make use of Helium 10 will also be given access to a reimbursement finder and manager that can help them recoup money. You should also be able to keep a closer watch over your inventory by relying on Helium 10’s suite of tools.

3-Viral Launch

 Selling products on Amazon full-time will take up most of your day and that’s not even counting the work that actually has to go in to perfecting the products themselves. You need something that can lighten your workload and that could very well be Viral Launch. Viral launches product research discovery tool comes in as one of the top amazon product research for beginners. Its easy to use and you can dive into some research from day one to find many new product ideas.

Viral Launch is especially helpful if you are using Amazon’s PPC (Pay-Per-Click) platform to sell your goods. The site’s Kinetic tool enables you to set specific parameters to get the most out of your product ads. The tool also grants you access to valuable data that can be used for making educated decisions regarding those aforementioned advertisements.


When it comes to deciding on which Amazon software to use, its essentially down to individual preference. The best thing about the majority of these tools is that they offer trials, so you can test and see what works best for your Amazon Business.

If we could choose only 1 Amazon Sales Rank Tools or software as “The Best” it would be without down the new SELLOZO. This is what we use day to day in our own Amazon FBA business setups as do many of the high-level sellers we spoke to when researching this post.

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