Top 3 Best Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ad Automation Tool In The World

If you are building a 7 figure brand or starting out selling on Amazon, you will know that getting ranked on page 1 during a launch or making it stick is key to any successful product. Making your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign profitable and lowering your ACOS to increase profits is the ultimate goal to improving your Amazon FBA returns. Ads are everywhere we go online today and the Amazon marketplace is no different, you simply cannot avoid using PPC advertising on Amazon if you are serious about promoting and marketing your products.  your business online, you just cannot avoid using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

PPC campaign management is a very technical and laborious task if you wish to do it manually. In 2021 there is no need to be bogged down in excel spreadsheets and Amazon PPC campaign exports.

Finding the most effective Amazon PPC Ad Automation tool to manage and automate your Campaigns and Bids is easy, we have reached out to the top sellers in the game and been busy with our own testing to come up with the best of the best. 

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The Best Amazon PPC Automation Software


With Sellozo’s Amazon PPC Ad Automation technology you can ensure your ads are optimized to perform at their best with experts to back you up. Drive growth and lower your ACoS with Sellozo.

Bid optimization, keyword discovery, campaign and ad launch automation, negative keyword automation, and more. Dive in and start optimizing your campaigns.

Some of the great features of “Sellozo’s Amazon PPC Ad Automation tool” are given below.

  • Automated Ad Placement 
  • Custom Ad Placement Options 
  • One Click Campaign Optimization
  • Campaign dayparting
  • Expert Service and Support


Here’s a look at some of the unique benefits of Sellozo’s Amazon PPC Ad Automation tool are given below.

  • AI-Driven Keyword and Target Bid Optimization: In 24 hours see ACoS improvements by just turning on the Sellozo Optimizer on your existing campaigns
  • Automated Keyword Discovery: Automatically discover new keywords that are profitable and can grow your sales.
  • Automated Campaign Launches: Save time by using Sellozo’s industry-leading Campaign Studio to automatically launch campaigns in customizable patterns.
  • Automatic Negative Keywords: Sellozo automatically detects and disables keywords that are not profitable for you.
  • Dayparting:  Automatically enable and pause campaigns at specific times of the day or week to optimize profitability.
  • Drill Into The Weeds with Advanced Search Term and Target Reporting: Understand what is working and what isn’t working.
  • Manage Your Advertising Campaigns at a Product Level: Sellozo’s ProductVu Dashboard allows you to easily discover how much organic sales are impacted by your advertising sales.  The tool also easily allows you to see if your products are listed in multiple campaigns and competing against each other.
  • Expert Managed Service Experts: Expert Sellozo support teams devoted to helping you get the most of the tool and the most from your Amazon business.

2-Helium 10 ADS

Helium 10 can now truly call itself an All in one Amazon seller tool. Helium 10 released a new Amazon PPC software called Helium 10 ADS. Now you can fully automate, optimize, and simplify those complex Amazon PPC Management campaigns.

Automated rules within the Helium 10 Ads tool allow the hand-off approach letting the software take care of adjusting bids based on set criteria. The software offers suggestions throughout the dashboard to ensure you improve your ad performance on Amazon.


The Auto-Mate 3.0 software is an algorithm that places your ads in the market for you. This system uses complex equations to decide on the timing of your consumer engagement. The core objective is to take advantage of high traffic as it comes. Your ads will only be sent to the leads you specify—for the industry you’re in.

There is a wide spectrum of SEO tools to consider, but this one is optimized for Amazon FBA. Seeing keyword use from the perspective of Amazon maximizes your work. Your information will align with the full market advantages you have.

The performance of your PPC campaigns is presented through a special tracking feature. What you get is a presentation of the entire health of your campaigns. The things that you wouldn’t be able to see are, instead, presented right before you.


When it comes to deciding on which Amazon PPC Ad Automation  software to use, its essentially down to individual preference. The best thing about the majority of these tools is that they offer trials, so you can test and see what works best for your Amazon Business.

If we could choose only 1 Amazon PPC software as “The Best” it would be without down the new SELLOZO. This is what we use day to day in our own Amazon FBA business setups as do many of the high-level sellers we spoke to when researching this post.

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