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Over the last decade, programmatic advertising has been drastically changing the online marketing landscape. Real-time bidding auctions practically dominate the industry – experts predict the US digital display ad spending for open RTB auctions to reach $13.8 billion in 2021, and this trend doesn’t seem to slow down any time soon. In this article, we are going to find out how one can benefit from this trend most efficiently and start their own RTB business.

What are RTB business solutions?

At the core of any programmatic advertising companies lie the RTB advertising platform that is used to facilitate and scale up each stage of the media-trading process for all sides of the deal. With the help of such RTB business solutions, one can automate things like negotiations and trading, set up precise targeting for their audiences, and get the most revenue from monetizing their inventory with the least effort. 

Trading impressions with an RTB platform takes milliseconds and allows buyers and sellers to customize all of the details without additional resources or human management. One can get access to a wide pool of direct supply and demand with versatile global audiences, and then offer their services to partners and traders from all over the globe. 

H3 How RTB platform works?

Direct advertisers, networks, and agencies are usually connected to an RTB platform with the DSP(demand-side-platform), where they can set up campaigns, purchase impressions and analyze their performance. Direct publishers and resellers are integrated via the SSP(supply-side platform) where they can manage and offer for sale their digital ad inventory.

When the user encounters the publisher’s ad placement, SSP sends an appropriate request that initiates bidding between interested advertisers and DSPs. The winning ad is then displayed to the user, and the whole process takes just a short instance while the page is loading.

Ready-to-use RTB advertising platform

So how can one get their own RTB platform to create and develop a successful media-trading business? One way to do this is to hire a team of developers that would create your solution from scratch, but this option often turns out to be quite expensive and time-consuming. Luckily, there is another way.

White-label RTB business solution is a pre-built personalized advertising platform developed for your precise goals and objectives by ad tech professionals and experienced tech specialists. Oftentimes, such offers also include support and guidance throughout the process of setting up and developing your endeavour. One such example is Bidscube.

Bidscube RTB business solution

Bidscube white-label RTB platform is a ready-to-use customizable business solution designed to provide exceptional advertising and monetization services for media-traders from any industry without heavy investments. The offer includes, but is not limited to:

  • A simple and unified interface customized to your needs. The platform provides a convenient experience tailored to your unique business objectives that include in-depth reporting and optimization tools to attain top trading performance and the highest revenues.
  • Individual infrastructure and servers for each platform. We deliver separate servers for banner and video ads on each platform to ensure stable and smooth experiences without additional payments.
  • Versatile ad formats for all types of campaigns. This includes desktop banner ads, video advertising, connected TV, in-app and mobile ad formats, as well as native ads.
  • Full protection. We know how important it is to take care of your brand image and traffic quality which is why our offer includes 100% of incoming demand and supply checked by our cutting-edge scanners and advanced tools from our partners.
  • All paperwork and technical issues handled for you. With Bidscube, you can delegate technical issues to a unique AI bidding algorithm designed to analyze your performance and distribute your resources in the most efficient way. We also take care of all of the paperwork, so you would be able to focus solely on business affairs.
  • 24/7 support. Our technical specialists are constantly working on developing and improving the platform, adding new features, and taking care of all the issues. Moreover, the offer also includes 24/7 support and the help of a personal accountant. 
  • Friendly community. Bidscube media-trading community is a perfect chance to achieve numerous direct premium partnerships and seamless integrations without additional investments. We are happy to welcome every programmatic ad tech enthusiast and look forward to collaborating and growing together.

Curious to learn more or ready to jump in? Reach us at // and start earning today!

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