SeekaHost Review: The Best WordPress Hosting for Bloggers

If you follow the hosting world closely, you would know that most of the hosting providers spend lots of money on marketing and acquire customers but in return, don’t provide quality hosting service.

SeekaHost is one of the sites that don’t focus on marketing, rather on providing quality hosting service for the money.

Besides Shared Hosting, SeekaHost is best known for its WordPress Hosting Service for bloggers. It is one of the best WordPress blog Hosting services around. I am not joking if you use the SeekaHost blog hosting platform at you will see how easy it is to host a WordPress blog and get online.

This SeekaHost review will help you decide if SeekaHost is the right choice for you.

About SeekaHost

SeekaHost provides hosting services at cheaper prices. They are one of the trusted, secure and reliable web hosting companies. Their packages suit for the webmasters who run just a single blog or for the ones who run multiple websites or blogs for their business. Basically, they provide below kinds of hosting.

  • Personal WebHosting
  • WordPress Web Hosting
  • Business WebHosting
  • Game Server Hosting
  • SEO Hosting
  • Private Blog Hosting
  • Reseller WebHosting

Why SeekaHost

SeekaHost is one of the few web hosting companies offering reliable services at affordable prices at all times.

They provide you with online courses that are sure to make your business successful, and your website known on the web. Every personal web hosting package comes with its guide that would support you in getting your personal website live in less than five minutes.

SeekaHost assures 99.9% uptimes and 24/7 live support for you. So, at any point in time when you need their help for your website, they are always at your service. Their premium website hosting servers are continually optimized for speed and reliability. They also deliver the best loading speed for the websites hosted on their servers, which is a considerable advantage for webmasters hosting their sites with SeekaHost.

SeekaHost is one of the few web hosting companies offering reliable services at affordable prices at all times.


SeekaHost offers numerous features that make it stand apart from the crowd in the hosting industry.

The following are some of the salient features of SeekaHost:

1. Free Website Migration

SeekaHost makes the process of transferring a website from a different host to their very easy for new customers. They offer a free website transfer. Many hosts charge hefty fees for website migration.

As a customer, you can move your site that was previously hosted on either cPanel servers, DirectAdmin servers, Webmin servers or servers without cPanel to SeekaHost servers seamlessly and stress-free.

Once you open a new account on their hosting service, it will work to find out all the necessary information that is related to your previous host.

The admin will then work by taking all the necessary actions to ensure that your website is transferred successfully to the new SeekaHost account.

Once your web has been transferred to the SeekaHost server, you can continue using your site as usual.

2. Free Backup

One of the biggest fears for anyone who has a website whether private or business is losing their content. SeekaHost has taken the necessary steps to ensure that this does not happen to you. They offer free weekly backup services to all their hosting plans.

Every weekly backup works to replace data from the previous backup.

In addition to that, the backup also helps to resolve any issues that might be available.

3. SSD Storage Space

SSD storage makes a server to function and perform its work way faster as compared to its hard disk counterpart.

SeekaHost uses an SSD storage system which makes it faster as compared to most of its hosting competitors.

Therefore, you are advised to select a hosting company that uses SSD storage system.

4. Fast and Reliable (+ Speed Tests)

Generally speaking, has a good web host maintaining.

It has a remarkable uptime and loading speed. It has an overall uptime record of 99.99%.

And their website loading times are Amazing.

Their uptime is ideal for site hosting and the average response time is good too. This makes SeekaHost an ideal host.

5. Customer Service

In the hosting industry, customer care is of paramount importance.

SeekaHost offers customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

They have different methods of communication which include tickets, emails. Most of the support tickets and emails are responded to within 5 minutes.

Their support staff is well versed with any hosting-related issues including WordPress.

6. Payment and Billing Policy

You can pay for SeekaHost services using any of the major credit cards. All of their hosting plans automatically renew themselves on the first day of the billing cycle whether for yearly or monthly payment plans.

Price & Plans:

The price of hosting is a crucial factor when selecting a hosting company. As much as the price of hosting should not be too expensive, it is worth noting that the superior the service provided, the higher the price.

SeekaHost, has one of the most competitive prices in the hosting industry. They have different hosting plans and each plan comes with its own price.

The image below shows the starting prices of one type of WordPress hosting for each type of hosting at SeekaHost.


SeekaHost is ahead of the hosting competition because of their great WordPress and VPS hosting services.

They also have a good customer service with short response time and quick resolving of issues. Besides that, they have pocket-friendly hosting plans that suit every hosting budget.

They also have additional features that you can use to create a customized site that meets your hosting needs.

Although they lack the control panel but their charge per month is affordable by most businesses. It also has other premium features such as free Managed Support, Free Backups, SSD Storage and much more.

Together, all these features make SeekaHost one of the best web hosting companies available in the market today.

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