How Much Do Feet Pics Cost? Tips & Tricks!

It sounds strange to many people when they first heard that they can make money selling feet photos. This is important to know the right prices for feet photos. You may want to know how much the charge is for the feet photo. There is no specific cost that you can set for your feet photos because it depends on some other factors as well. You may hear about selling feet photos online and feet models captured feet photos and put them on sale. The prices must be affordable if you are a new model in this industry.

The quick answer is you can charge between $5 and $100 depending on the quality of the picture, experience of a feet model, and targeted audience. This is the range for the feet models who sell feet online. You might invest money to get the perfect click from a professional photographer. It takes time to create a nice picture so you should charge an affordable price so that anyone can buy this. It also depends on the platform that you choose to sell feet so all these things can help to set prices.

Setting Price for Feet Photos

There is not only a picture that makes you set prices but some other factors also involve that you need to consider. The planning for setting the price depends on several factors including quality. A buyer gets only feet photo they don’t know how much effort you did to create this aesthetic photo. If you understand the pricing strategy you will become a successful seller. So it depends on several factors that are mentioned below when pricing your feet photo.

Cost of the Feet Photo

The cost includes traveling to search for the perfect location or hiring a professional photographer. Well in all cases this does not happen some feet models are experts in taking their pictures so it minimizes the cost. You invest your time while creating good pictures and you can charge accordingly. But this is one point that you need to consider while setting the process for the stuff you are putting on sale. Some girls who start modeling without a professional camera hire a photographer to get professional pics.

Competitors Pricing

When you are planning to post pictures and thinking about setting prices see your competitors’ prices. It helps you to stand out and know what your competitors are selling at what price. It is important to know the market prices to set the price of your feet photos. Sometimes you think you have high-quality good pictures and set high prices without knowing the marketplace. So it is important to look around as many famous feet models post their feet at affordable prices.

It is usually not difficult to find out what the competitor charges you can visit their profile and look for the content they post on their timeline. Gather all the information and type of content so that you can match your pictures and set prices. If someone is selling at a low price you cannot put your feet pics for sale at high prices. So it is important to look around you and see what others sell for what prices.


This is also another important thing to choose for selling at a good profit. A feet model wants to earn money and nothing else they want to sell at a good rate. Choose a feet-specific reliable platform to showcase your feet. It will help you to get more buyers quickly. Feet Finder is the best website if you want to sell feet pics and make some extra money. This is a feet-specific platform that has thousands of verified users and their major buyers are feet lovers.

Experience with Feet Models

If you are a new model do not price high as people see the reviews that you get from previous sales. Some people motivate new models so you can set an affordable price for the feet pic like $5 to $10 not more than this. You may see other models who post cheap photos for a high rate but they have experience and their clients buy from them at a high rate. They establish relationships with clients to sell in the future so they can charge high rates.

Quality of Content

People demand high-quality content as they want to see clear photos nobody going to pay for blurred and low-quality photos. It is recommended by platforms to upload high-quality photos. If you post high-quality photos and there is a demand for feet photos then you can set good prices to earn profit. Some brands need to buy quality content as they have to resize or print them. So they might need content with high quality and you should target them.

Feet Fetishists

If your target audience is feet lovers then you might get a chance to set high prices. Feet lovers are the people who have a sexual interest in the feet so they might get content at any price if they like them. Foot fetishists agreed to pay a high price for a picture if they like them. There are many other buyers as well so you can choose one or more than one. So it also depends on the targeted audience and choosing feet lovers is one of the best things to earn well.

You can offer them customized content and charge for the extra service. Communicate with them before making customize orders so that they know everything. When creating special content for them it is important to ask their requirement because they want everything perfect.

These are your feet photos and you can price them as you want but the above ways are effective to make extra money quickly. Feet photos are high in demand and many people are selling feet and taking it as a positive business now. If you want to start feet modeling it is just a start once you start getting orders you will make a huge amount by selling your feet. Try to establish relationships with buyers so that they happily buy from you in the future.

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