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If you are looking for the fastest, secure & best VPN service provider in 2020. VPN for online security for multiply devices and Unblock websites to protect all your devices. then you are at right page. Here we are going to review the best VPN service that is CASVPN.

Let’s start.


CASVPN software is a secure connection to browse the internet without any restrictions, safely and securely from anywhere. Access your content using unlimited bandwidth, server switching from a large network of 150 plus servers and counting. The software supports Window, Mac, IOS, Android, and Linux. Freelancers, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.


Some of the reasons why we should use CASVPN.

  • Remote Access
  • Policy Management
  • Anonymous Browsing
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Kill Switch
  • Multi-language Browsing
  • Multi-Protocol
  • Peer-to-Peer


Some of the features which makes them unique from any similar services available in the market.

Server Locations

CASVPN is based in Hong Kong, and currently boasts a lineup of over 150 server locations in 57 countries around the world.

Not only, 150+ server gives you a lot of options, but also ensure reliable performance and high uptimes. CASVPN features uptimes and very fast speeds (covered on the performance section).

Pricing Plan

CASVPN offers multiple subscription plans, and it is simple and straightforward.

The cost per month is $11.95, for six months $59.7 and two year $ 95.4. Although CASVPN offers a free trial, also offer a 7-days money-back guarantee.  This allows you the chance to go through the service and decide whether to commit or not.


While connected through the VPN, browsing any request sent and received is encrypted by the VPN server. The decryption key is mutually created between the VPN Server and your end-device. Thus providing you with security from prying eyes. There is barely any added response time between your end-device and the VPN server, therefore, allowing for regular or maybe faster (as none of the VPN servers have speed throttling) browsing speeds.

CASVPN service encrypts your data with 256-bit AES encryption.


CASVPN is available for all platform namely Mac, iOS, Windows, Android for now and will be introducing for Linux and Routers. This service can be used based on three features.

  • You get unlimited bandwidth
  • You get unlimited server switches
  • You get unlimited speed

User interface (Clients)

Some VPN client apps are straightforward to use while some client apps are tough to use and sometimes some VPNs desktop apps are not compatible. In terms of user-friendly amongst client apps, I would say CASVPN is one of the best. It is straightforward and it has very few confusing configuration options. Simple open application and select country where you are located, then connect to VPN.

Customer Support

CASVPN offers 24/7 live chat support, provided 365 days a year. You can easily reach customer support staff by live chat or email.

Pricing and Plans

The one big thing that makes CAS VPN unique is that the prices are displayed openly on its website to any visitor. I think CASVPN deserves praise for doing this.

No other competing services have this level of transparency. Other similar service providers will hide the prices or make you sign up before you see them. This is often done to sneak in hidden charges that they don’t want to reveal until they have gotten you to register.

For information on price please read the above section.

Final Verdict:

With all this in mind, let’s get down to the question, “would we recommend it?”

Absolutely, “YES.”CASVPN is a very valuable service for any business or influencer trying to use a secure VPN service.

Our ratings are the result of an objective and independent evaluation of CASVPN, generating the final rating that reflects the overall quality of the company. Ratings may change as the service changes.

It’s fast, safe and secure. Hands down, my experience with this VPN was solid, hence I recommend this.

So if you’re looking for the trusted VPN on the platform, CASVPN will do the trick nicely.

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